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Welcome to our Culture


  • Merry, Happy Everything!

    It is always exciting to travel and make new friends! We love the worldwide partnerships that allow us the opportunity to grow across the map and see the many…

  • Ragga Goes to Haiti

          Bon jou, friends! We just returned to the office from a week in Haiti, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell…

  • Come As You Are

    Close your eyes. Slow your breath. Sink in deeper to the earth. Inhale grace. Exhale expectation.   Welcome to Ragga’Yoga, friends. This is a practice full of life, Truth,…

  • The Ragga’Life

    I am a Raggamuffin: Heidi Raggamuffin is a culture. Its definition beautifully and deeply covers the basis and foundation of the heartbeat that keeps it alive. It is the why, the what,…





Custom detailed pieces to complete your day in the most unique way.


Find rest for your mind, body, and soul as you spend time at our studio in Mount Dora, FL


Shop with purpose, and sustain the lives of beautiful artisans in Kenya


A children’s line. Handcrafted crotched stuffed animals.


Creating flowers for our Ragga’Wedding line. Wedding accessories that make a difference.


An agency equipped to fill all of your traveling needs.


New Products